18 November 2014

2013 Topps Chasing the Dream Josh Reddick Relic

I was going to post a break of a box of 2014 Stadium Club today, but I just realized that I forgot to add all of the scans to my draft of the post. So that will be delayed until I get back to my main computer with all the pictures on it. Instead of that post, which I anticipate will receive a fair amount of traffic, I am posting this relic card of Josh Reddick that I picked up a while ago. It's from 2013 Topps and features a fairly colorful design. I think my favorite part of this card is the big team logo in the background.

The card had a pretty big corner ding when it arrived, which can be seen pretty clearly in the lower left of this scan. I find that irritating. I must not have inspected the card very well when it arrived, because I left good feedback for the seller without any remarks about the condition of the card. At least it was cheap. The blurb on the back of the card is basically the same as the blurb on the back of Reddick's 2013 base card, which I have seen about 35,000 times in my pursuit of the 2013 Topps Josh Reddick Super Rainbow.


  1. I'm too generous with my feedback too. Too many times I've left good feedback and later found out the card had significant flaws. Just a couple of months ago I left feedback on a Polanco autograph in which I later found out it had a significant blemish.

  2. Like you said, at least it was cheap. Maybe that was why.