06 May 2014

Contested Shots 3: I Tried to Guess Zippy Zappy's SEGA Card-Gen Roster!

It has been forever since it happened (nearly a month!), but Zippy Zappy over at Cervin' Up Cards held a contest to see who could guess the last lineup of players he had used in the SEGA Card-Gen game. My roster was not close to being right, but you don't need skill to win the randomized consolation prize, which is where my name came up! The advertised prize for the Randomly Selected Participant Award was the 1993 Topps Derek Jeter RC card shown above. That's a pretty decent prize, even for someone who is not a Yankees fan.

Additionally, he included a couple of SEGA Card-Gen cards in the prize package. In this case it is a pair of catchers, Miguel Olivo and Humberto Quintero. Miguel Olivo is currently catching for the Dodgers after being called up from the minors a little bit ago. Quintero, it seems, is currently playing in the Mariners minor league system. Either way, these are both cool 2012 SEGA Card-Gen cards that I didn't have in my collection yet.

Although I was not very successful at selecting the right roster, it was fun to go through and try to determine which players Zippy Zappy might have used on his team. It was a pretty good contest, and I was happy to win a prize. Thank you!

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