20 May 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 78: Josh Reddick 2014 Gypsy Queen Mini Magenta Printing Plate

Chalk this one up to impulse buys. I probably should have saved my money for a printing plate from one of the Bowman rainbows I am working on, rather than a card from a product that only carries a small amount of interest for me. I missed out on Derek Holland's 2014 Bowman Magenta printing plate the other day, as the other bidder seemed to really want it and I was already feeling a bit strapped for cash and hobby-guilty after springing for that 2013 SEGA Card-Gen set. Still, a 1 / 1 is pretty cool to have, and a framed printing plate has more of a cool factor to me than a regular-sized plate.

I think the Magenta plates are my third-favorite of the four colors possible to pull in printing plates. I think my preference generally run: Black, Blue (Cyan), Pink (Magenta), and then a big gap before I get to Yellow. This one isn't bad as you get a pretty clear view of the entire photo.

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