30 May 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 20: A Small Pile of 2014 Bowman Josh Reddick Parallels

I got a bunch more Josh Reddick parallels from 2014 Bowman, and here they are in no particular order. Forgive me if I am not particularly wordy in this post. My computer's hard drive quit on me the other day (right in the middle of my first summer semester classes) and so I am composing this on my phone. It's not an ideal arrangement, to be sure. That's not actually the reason I've skipped a couple of days posting, though. The real reason is that I have suffered a bit of a personal hobby setback and I haven't fully processed it yet.

But while I work that out, the above card is the purple parallel, numbered # 03 / 10. The regular color parallels are not nearly as good-looking as the ice parallels, but I still need them all. 

Next up is the black-bordered version of the card, which is copy # 16 / 25. Sixteen is Reddick's jersey number, so this is a legitimate eBay 1 / 1. I don't think I paid that premium for it, though.

Often the more common parallels are among the last ones I acquire, because I know there will always be a couple of copies out there. But if I find them cheap I will gran them. With these cheap cards the key is usually in the shipping costs. You have to bundle them with other cards and get combined shipping or find a seller offering cheap shipping. This green parallel is # 093 / 150. 

This is the most common of the serially-numbered parallels, which are the blue-bordered cards and have 500 copies each. Mine is # 194 / 500. 

And finally, I got the Reddick blank-back card from the Topps Vault eBay auctions. That means I got the blank-backs for all three of my main player collections for this set and at least one # 1 / 1 card for each rainbow, even if they are gimmicky 1 / 1's. 

And that's it for this group of cards. Soon I will probably post something about this funk I've been in lately, get it out of my system, and be back to my regular posting schedule shortly thereafter. One thing that would help would be if I found some 2014 Archives here locally, retail or hobby. Resolving my computer issues would be helpful as well, as my stock of card scans went away with my hard drive, aside from previously-saved posts like this one and a few SEGA Card-Gen scans I have on my work computer. 


  1. Wow! You are getting the rainbow done pretty quick. Congrats!

    1. I am getting pretty close to having everything but 1 / 1 cards left for the three rainbows I'm working on. Then I guess I get to wait and see what the competition for the Bowman Chrome parallels look like whenever that set comes out.