12 May 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 14: A Small Stack of Derek Holland

I have begun to gather portions of a 2013 Topps Rainbow for Derek Holland. I've been really disorganized about it and so I don't really know what I have and what I don't have. Not a very good way to go about building a collection like this. Anyway, up above is his base card from the Topps Mini set. It looks just like the base card but it's smaller, so they look the same in scans.

I think these four are the Gold parallel from the flagship set, a Wal-Mart Exclusive Blue parallel, a regular base card, and a Blue Refractor from Topps Chrome. The Gold card is numbered out of # / 2014, and I believe the Blue Refractors are numbered out of # / 199.

This group includes Holland's Emerald parallel, a Chrome Refractor, some blue sparkle things (Silver Slate Wrapper Redemption?), a Chrome Sepia Refractor numbered out of # / 75, a Chrome base card, and a Target Exclusive Red parallel.

I guess there's not much more to say about these. Holland is coming back slowly from a knee injury. I guess he's been throwing some batting practice and whatnot, but isn't cleared for actual games yet. They say his arm is at 100% but his knee is still only at about 80%. No word yet on what percentage his mustache is at.

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