08 May 2014

Contested Shots 4: March Radness from Cards on Cards!

Remember March Madness? It was a long time ago. Well, Cards on Cards held a bracket contest and I was one of several winners. I think I finished in 4th place. I actually wasn't aware that I had won anything, but apparently 4th place was good enough to be on the prize list. I got to pick a card from the Cards on Cards trade bait page, and it was my unfortunate lot to be in a position where a Yankee was the best choice. That floating head Derek Jeter sticker was one of the ones I needed for my 2012 Topps Archives set, so that was the card I picked. It is actually a pretty good deal for me, as the Jeter stuff from any set can be difficult to get and will often cost you an arm and a leg.

I actually had aspirations to win the whole thing after I went 16-0 on the first day of the tournament, but things went downhill from there and I was eventually eliminated from having a shot at 1st place. I hung around near the top of the standings the whole way, though.

Also included in my prize package was this Roy Halladay faux-propaganda card, encouraging the holder to 'Enlist Today!' I already did that about 15 years ago, but I suppose it is about time for me to reenlist for another 3 or 6 years. It's starting to look like I'll be making a career out of this Army stuff.

Anyway, it was pretty cool to find out that I'd won a prize, and it was even better that my prize knocked something off of my want list. Thanks, Cards on Cards!

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