17 May 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 16: A Bright Red (Ice) Reddick

This is one of my favorite prank videos of the last couple years, as Sexy Sax Man wanders the land serenading everyone in hearing distance with the sweet solo from 'Careless Whisper.' Since we're talking about 'Careless Whisper,' you just know that we're going to be talking about a Josh Reddick card (the post title might have given it away, too). I guess maybe I am overdoing the George Michael thing, but it happens to be something from pop culture that I like combined with something from my baseball card fandom and things like that are hard for me to let go of.

I can't help it. The draw of putting together a rainbow for my favorite players is just too strong. So I've been trying to accumulate some of the Bowman parallels for Josh Reddick, R.A. Dickey, and Derek Holland. This is the Red Ice parallel of Reddick's card. The green and yellow of his uniform kind of clash with the red, but I guess with the red and green on the border this is a good Christmas-themed card.

This is a version of 'Careless Whisper' that is okay, but I still don't think it measures up to the George Michael version. Which reminds me, isn't the Michael Cera character in Arrested Development named George Michael? I think he is. That's a pretty funny show, but this post is getting sidetracked all over the dang place.

Too bad the serial number isn't quite Christmas-themed. If it were # 12 / 25 it would be perfect for Baseball Card Breakdown's Christmas Card collection, which is made up entirely of cards whose serial numbers match the date of Christmas. This one is # 14 / 25, which doesn't qualify it for any sort of themed collection that I can think of.

This week has been quite the Reddick-heavy week on the blog. I usually try to balance my posts out and schedule a rotation of subjects, but I guess I'd been scanning my Reddick cards at a higher rate than other stuff for some reason. He's been on a bit of a hot streak ever since he changed his walk-on music to Careless Whisper by Wham!, so hopefully he can keep it up and have a successful year.

I am also waiting on a very exciting package that is supposed to be delivered today. It may take a couple of days or weeks for me to post about it, but believe me, I will get around to it. No, my wife isn't having a baby. Neither is my girlfriend (just kidding, honey, I don't have a girlfriend). But it's a pretty cool baseball card-related delivery. I do love delivery tracking, but sometimes those USPS updates can be frustratingly slow.

I also saw on one of the Topps Redemption Updates (Topps actually recognized that the fans were angry about the lack of updates and started posting regular lists again) that some of my R.A. Dickey relic cards might be making their way to me in the near future. It's too bad that his autographs didn't seem to be among the number of redemptions fulfilled, so Dickey must have just sent them some clothing item to be chopped up and put in between some layers of cardboard.

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