10 May 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 75: R.A. Dickey Finest Retro

I got this card a (relatively) long time ago. Probably a couple of months. Sometimes I wonder if I should even devote a whole post to a card like this. But I figure that if I've gone to all the trouble of scanning and cropping and uploading the pictures into a draft, I might as well fill some blog space with it. The real trouble is that I build up a little wave of this kind of single-card posts that get pushed back by bigger posts for a month or two, and by the time I get around to scheduling them they seem a little outdated (to me). I guess you all wouldn't know how long a post has been sitting in the queue unless I told you. I could have got this card today. Anyway, I had been chasing this card for a while and had even bid on a few of the more limited # / 25 parallels. But I didn't want to pay a whole lot for it. 

I think this particular insert set does a really good job of hearkening back to the original Topps Finest sets. The garish colors and Word Art text boxes really are a product of that era. As a kid in the 90's I never had enough money to own actual Topps Finest cards, so this card touches that part of my past that coveted these unreachable cards. I am still on the lookout for Josh Reddick's card from this same set, although my pursuit of other things has kind of put that on the far back burner.

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