17 June 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 22: More R.A. Dickey 2014 Bowman Parallels

I have slowed way down on my pursuit of the R.A. Dickey, Josh Reddick, and Derek Holland rainbows from 2014 Bowman. A couple of printing plates have popped up, including the Magenta Dickey, but once the bidding approached $30 I bowed out of the chase for it. I was able to grab a few other colors from the Dickey rainbow, though, including the Blue and Orange shown here.

The Blue is numbered # 331 / 500 and the Orange is numbered # 042 / 250.

I also was able to snag a copy of the Gold parallel, numbered # 16 / 50. Dickey started the year off pretty bad, but has improved lately. The knuckleball is a cruel mistress. 

And finally, here is the Purple parallel, numbered # 01 / 10. I haven't been able to watch one of his games on MLB.TV yet, but I am hoping I will get a chance sometime soon. He's got a minor injury going on right now, but claims he won't be missing any starts because of it.

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