25 June 2014

Rainbow in the Dark 23: More 2014 Bowman Parallels

I got a couple more parallels for my Josh Reddick 2014 Bowman rainbow. I guess there isn't much to say about these anymore, but I am trying to keep the blog updating on a fairly regular basis. Sometime last week I made my 300th post on this blog, so I guess that's quite an accomplishment. I have a few projects I am working on for my collection, but nothing that I have time or inclination to scan cards for and write up at the moment. I think I mention this in every post regarding these Bowman rainbows, but I am about wrapped up on these until I see what comes out in Bowman Chrome and/or the remaining printing plates or White Ice parallels pop up and go past my bidding ceiling.

This first card is the Orange parallel, which is numbered # 092 / 250. Reddick just came back from a DL stint, so he should be showing up in the A's lineup from time to time. Heck, he may even hold down a starting job. I've been watching quite a few A's games recently, and in Reddick's absence I've been rooting for Coco Crisp, who has had a couple of game-winning hits in the past few days, and Derek Norris, who has an amazing mullet / beard combo going on.

This is the Purple Ice parallel, numbered to # 04 / 10. Pretty limited stuff. I think that's about all I've got time for posting today. I have a pretty tight deadline on a paper for my Business Law course and I am well behind on getting it written.

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