09 June 2014

Seeking Redemption 6: A Trio of Dickeys

The other day I got a package from Topps containing a bunch of outstanding redemptions featuring R.A. Dickey. I got one each of the single, double, and triple relic cards from 2013 Topps Tier One. The double and triple relics have plain white swatches, while the single relic has a grey swatch accompanied by a Blue Jays logo. The single relic is # 100 / 399, the double relic is # 10 / 50, and the triple relic is # 08 / 25. I think they're pretty cool-looking.

The backs of all the cards are the same, so there isn't really much reason to scan all three aside from the fact that they were already on the scanner when I flipped them over. And that's the end of my R.A. Dickey redemption-fest. I still have three outstanding redemption codes out there: one for a framed mini autograph of Frank Robinson from 2013 Archives; one for a Real Heavy Metal autograph of Reb Beach, also from 2013 Archives; and a 2014 Museum Collection Triple Swatch Autograph of Bo Jackson. I think the Bo Jackson card will get fulfilled eventually, and I hope the other two come through sometime.

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