23 June 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 84: 2013 SEGA Card-Gen Rare Evan Longoria

After I read Zippy Zappy's comprehensive post about the SEGA Card-Gen Rare cards, I went out looking for them. He linked to a site called Mint, which is some sort of online card store, maybe equivalent to our Sportlots or JustCommons? The page is not in English, but I was able to discover the above image, informing me that R.A. Dickey does have a Rare card in the 2013 set. I have not been able to locate a copy of that card. I am not even sure where to start. I looked at Yahoo! Auctions, but there are 1) no copies of this card on there, and 2) there appears to be some sort of middle-man service that facilitates buying internationally and I can't make sense of the fees associated except to assume that there are many of them and they are not cheap. But if it is possible, I will try to make this card mine. I was able to get an example from the set for my personal collection, though.

The card I got from eBay was the 2013 Evan Longoria card on the left. His base card from 2013 is shown on the right for comparison. Zippy Zappy's post is quite comprehensive in explaining the differences between the different cards. The main changes on the front are the shiny foil cardstock, the big Card-Gen logo in the background of an alternate photo, and the player name and set name switching places.

The backs of the cards are similar, but the player gets a different write-up and a point added to one of their ratings. They also get a different descriptor at the bottom, with Longoria's Rare card declaring him to be a 'Charismatic Athlete' and his base card telling us that he is an 'All-star third baseman.' Since it is an insert / subset, the card number is different, too, with the Rare card being # J13-R23/60 and the base card being # J13-155/390. I will not be chasing the full set of these Rare cards, but I will be trying to find a copy of R.A. Dickey's card and I am happy to have the Longoria card in my collection as an example from the set.

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