23 June 2015

Rainbow in the Dark 29: 2015 Topps Archives Jon Singleton Triad

This Saturday we went out to my hometown and picked some raspberries. They were pretty good, and between the five of us we only picked up two ticks. My wife and my son each had one tick on them, and luckily neither tick had latched on before they were located and disposed of.

After that we attended the town's annual Cherry Festival, with all of the carnival rides and fair food and whatnot. All four of my sisters were reportedly there with their families, but we only managed to bump into two of them. It would have been three, but we only found out the location of one sister after we had dragged our very grouchy and tired boys all the way back to the car, and there was no way we were taking those three chuckleheads back out into the madness. There is a multi-family campout in a couple of weekends and we will see them there. 

I hadn't planned on collecting a rainbow or anything from Topps Archives, but this Jon Singleton Black # 1 / 1 popped up and fell to me at a reasonable price, probably because I took a chance on an eBay seller without much feedback history. There have been some issues with getting them to accept the Paypal payment I sent, and I got a little suspicious when they promised to overnight the card. It looks like they used their FedEx account at work to send the card, which is probably why they weren't worried about the cost of expedited shipping. I hope they can sort through the payment acceptance on their end. I sent them a link to eBay's FAQ on fixing the problem, but they still haven't sorted it out. It's sitting out there waiting to be claimed. I won't be retracting my payment or anything until they get their money.

The other colored parallels in the set are Gold and Silver, respectively numbered # / 50 and # / 199. I picked those up in relatively drama-free transactions to complete the simple three-card Jon Singleton 2015 Topps Archives rainbow. I guess if the printing plates show up I will try to get at least one of them. For the Gold parallel I picked up copy # 40 / 50.

For the Silver parallel, I picked up copy # 123 / 199. I still wish the parallels were printed on shiny reflective card stock, but you can't always get what you want (for the record I really hate that song, and I'm not all that fond of The Rolling Stones). As far as 2015 Archives goes, I'll probably try to pick up a base set at some point and then be done with the product.

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