28 June 2015

Danica Patrick Press Pass Power Picks Parallels

Here are the last three cards from the batch of Danica Patrick parallels I bought late in 2014. They hail from the 2012 Press Pass Power Picks set. They come in three varieties: Gold # 36 / 50, Blue # 19 / 50, and Holofoil # 02 / 10. The cards feature Danica's # 10 GoDaddy.com car from that year.

Danica has kind of been treading water for the last couple months of the 2015 racing season. Her average starting position for 2015 to date is 22.3, exactly the same as her mark for 2014, but her average finishing position is 20.3, which is 3.4 spots better than her 2014 mark of 23.7. That is a decent number and she has improved that number each year, but she will probably need a race win to make the Chase for the Cup playoff. She is currently 19th in the point standings, and there are some pretty strong racers ahead of her. Her starting position for today's Toyota / Save Mart 350 is 21, which is right in line with where she's been starting races all season. Hopefully she will have a good car and avoid accidents on the way to a good finish.


  1. I haven't watched a race I think since the 600. I'm really not happy with how NBC and Fox have regulated their coverage to their sports cable channels. I understand why they would do it for select races, but not for half of them. It's not like they have better stuff to show on the Networks anyways.

    1. I don't watch the races very often. I get frustrated pretty much any time sporting events get pushed to cable, because it means I don't get to see them. I do usually at least keep up with the leaderboard on NASCAR.com during the races.