06 June 2015

A Few Jo(h)n Singleton Cards

I grabbed up a few nice Jon Singleton cards over the last few months. This first one is a quad relic card from 2015 Topps Museum Collection. There are nicer examples of this card out there that feature a little color on the memorabilia swatches, but they don't come as cheaply as this one did. This one is numbered # 45 / 75.

The back of the card keeps with the quad theme by mentioning four of Singleton's qualities. Most of them center around his ability to hit for power, although he does get a mention for improving his plate discipline. It would be hard to do anything but improve when it comes to that, though.

Here is an earlier Singleton card from his time in the Phillies organization. This card has him listed as John instead of Jon, which I guess can be a problem when you have a name with multiple potential spellings. It was probably too much work for whoever designed 2010 Bowman Sterling to look him up on Baseball-Reference or something and grab the right spelling. Anyway, this is a Gold parallel and it's numbered # 28 / 50. I wonder if the reference to his enjoyment of the laid-back West Coast lifestyle is a backhanded way of saying he has trouble passing drug tests? I guess his first positive test was in 2012, so maybe the marijuana habit wasn't common knowledge when this card was made. It seems like he's been making progress on his rehabilitation, so I shouldn't talk crap about it. Addiction is a heck of a thing to struggle with.

The final card in this bunch is from 2014 Bowman Chrome Mini. It's a Yellow Refractor and is numbered # 01 / 25. It also features a nice photo of Singleton in an Astros throwback uniform. The only problem is that I think this photo has been used in a few different sets. I could just be thinking of parallels, though. Who even knows anymore? (I wasn't wrong. This image was used on his 2015 Gypsy Queen relics, and maybe some others, too).

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