15 June 2015

A Tie-Dyed Dickey

Here is a nice colorful card featuring R.A. Dickey. The colorful background helps to make up for the bland logo-less uniforms found on Panini's baseball products. This is a Tie Dye Prizm parallel from 2015 Panini Prizm Baseball and it is numbered # 08 / 50. I haven't had any real targeted goals for my player collections this year, so they have been growing in a kind of haphazard manner. I haven't been spending as much money on cards lately, and that keeps me from chasing most rainbows with any conviction. I also haven't been keeping very good track of what I have and what I don't, so I refrain from bidding on cards or adding them to my cart out of uncertainty. Additionally, I have been focused on a few things outside of baseball and basketball, like sketch cards, Japanese wrestling cards, Star Wars, and other non-sports stuff. I still manage to add a card here or there to my main collections.

MLB.tv finally is holding the annual Father's Day promotion, where the rest-of-season subscription for watching baseball games drops by half to $50. Additionally, if you are a student or military member you can get an additional 35% off, which drops the price to $32.50. It was sometimes a bit difficult to get by just watching the Free Game of the Day for the first half of the season, but I held out and saved myself about $100 off the original price of $129.99, This evening I took advantage of my new subscription and watched the Astros tee off on the Rockies. It was a pretty good time. If you aren't already a subscriber I'd suggest going and checking it out.


  1. That's one psychedelic card and a parallel that I can get behind!

  2. Hmm.. I should get in on that mlb.tv deal. ..or rather have my wife sign up for me since she's a student.

    As for the card, wow I don't even recall seeing a base 2015 Prizm card yet.. so it's funny my introduction to it is a crazy tie-dye parallel.