09 June 2015

Joe Mauer and Domonic Brown Members Only

Here are a couple more Members Only parallels I picked up from the 2014 Topps Stadium Club set over the last couple of months. I don't really have a lot to say about these except that I'm kind of surprised that the Joe Mauer card fell to me at a decent price and that I really have nothing to say about Domonic Brown. With most players I kind of have a feel for who they are, but for some reason I just can't place him anywhere in my mind. Apparently he was the top prospect in baseball for a while and an All-Star in 2013, but he is stuck down in AAA this year. That is kind of surprising given that the Phillies aren't exactly lighting the world on fire with their current lineup. Maybe I don't know him because he has never been overly useful in fantasy baseball for long enough that I had him on a roster. I do like that Topps made sure not to crop the ball out of the Mauer picture. It seems to add a lot to the photo, and I would like the card less without the ball included.

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