08 June 2015

Seeking Redemption 12: 2014-15 Donruss Basketball Wrapper Redemption Pack

I opened a box of 2014-15 Donruss Basketball a couple of months ago. It was a pretty fun break that I haven't found time to feature on my blog yet. Part of the product release was a wrapper redemption promotion, where if you sent in all 24 packs from a box of cards you would get a little set of 3 All-Star cards, with an outside shot at an autograph from one of the three featured players. I sent in the wrappers from the box and a few weeks later an envelope showed up in the mail with a pack of cards in it.

I wasn't lucky enough to get one of the autographs, but I did get the 3-card set made up of Zach LaVine, Stephen Curry, and Andrew Wiggins. I kind of like the color scheme on the front of the cards, and the photography is decent. I am not much of a Stephen Curry fan right now, as his team recently outplayed my Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals to advance to the NBA Finals.

Here are the backs of the cards. Each of them contains a little blurb about the player's performance during the 2015 All-Star Weekend. I like these cards well enough, and getting something for all of my wrappers is slightly better than just throwing the wrappers away. I liked the Donruss box break so much that I really wanted to put the set together, but I haven't gotten around to trying that and at this point it might be too late for me to regain my enthusiasm for that project.


  1. I agree with Matthew - that Levine is just downright awesome. I don't care for basketball cards, but that is one I don't think I would have a problem with owning.