27 June 2015

Jon Singleton 2014 Topps Triple Threads Lot

Chad Qualls just went on the DL, and that opened the door for Jon Singleton to get called back up from AAA to get some playing time with the Astros. He made it as far as the on-deck circle last night in a crushing 3-2 loss where they led for much of the game. I watched the Yankees-Astros game today and he went 0 for 4 with 3 strikeouts and a pop-up. He had a chance to play hero in the 7th inning with the bases loaded, but racked up one of his strikeouts instead. Hopefully he can get something going over the next few games and keep his big-league roster spot. I have to admit that my hopes aren't very high, but a couple of home runs might help to fix that.

I can't read the serial numbers of these cards on the scans, but I believe they are numbered # / 325 and # / 125 respectively. They come from 2014 Topps Triple Threads. I got them back at the start of this year and they've been sitting in my draft queue since then.

In other news, my kids got into my NASCAR die-cast collection today and broke the hood off of one of my cars. They didn't bother with the cars that I had out in the open. They went and got the stuff hidden on a table in the back of the room. I don't think I am going to be able to replace that car as it's a fairly rare piece from way back in 2011. Just a friendly reminder that kids and collections don't mix.


  1. I broke so much of my parents stuff when I was a kid....I'm lucky I made it this far.

    1. When I was little I was drawn to the needle on my dad's rather expensive record turntable. Apparently I broke a couple of $200 needles.