14 June 2015

Jon Singleton 2014 Topps Pink and Josh Reddick 2014 Topps Mini Pink

I've had a couple of pink cards in my Drafts folder for a while, so I thought I'd knock them out in one quick post. Most of the stuff I have in my Draft folder has been there for so long that I don't really remember the circumstances under which I acquired it. I will rarely pass up a chance to acquire a Pink parallel of a player I collect if the price is right. This first one is from the 2014 Topps Update Series and features Jon Singleton. It is numbered # 14 / 50. A few weeks ago it looked like Singleton might be called up from AAA, but Chris Carter has begun to hit the ball a little bit and that doesn't leave much room for Singleton. Maybe he'll get a chance sometime during the year, but it's far from a sure thing at this point.

Josh Reddick has had a pretty good 2015 so far, although the same cannot be said for his team, the Oakland A's. They sit in last place in the AL West, 9.5 games behind the Houston Astros (this may or may not be true by the time this post goes live, but it'll probably be close). You'll have to look elsewhere on the club for answers as to the Athletics' woes, as Reddick has been solid so far. While this card looks very similar to the one above, the serial numbering is different, reflecting a print run of only 25. That's because this one comes from 2014 Topps Mini, and the smaller Pink cards come with a smaller print run. This one is numbered # 21 / 25.

I've really been battling the pack-busting itch lately, just wanting to open anything. So far it's been limited to the blaster of Archives I opened the other day. 2015 Topps Series 2 releases in a couple of days, and I'm wondering if that might be the thing to scratch the itch. It's a relatively cheap break, and the flagship set is one I will always put together anyway. I'll have to look into it. I've been saving* a lot of money over the last little while by buying sets outright instead of trying to build them through pack-busting, but I still miss the whole ritual of peeling the plastic off the box, opening the packs stack by stack, and sorting through all the cards.

* It's not saving money if you didn't need the stuff you bought! Saving money would be putting it into an investment or under the mattress!

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