15 July 2015

Seeking Redemption 14: My Other 2015 Topps Babe Ruth Call Your Shot Prize

I pulled a couple of winning code cards from 2015 Topps Baseball's Babe Ruth Call Your Shot game. One of them was a Tier C autograph and I showed it earlier this month. The other was a Tier B autograph, and it arrived today in the form of this 2013 Bowman Platinum Autograph Prospect card of Danny Salazar. Salazar is having a pretty good year so far for the Indians, but I don't think it's really moved the needle on his card prices. I spent $4.95 on shipping to get this prize from Topps, and this card sells for $1-3 regularly on eBay. Yuck. Well, I think I know an Indians fan who might like it. I think the signature looks a little lonely out there in that big expanse of fingerprint-attracting Chrome (or is this particular type of shiny referred to as Platinum?). And that 'S' looks kind of lonely off on the side of that squiggle that allegedly says 'Danny.'

Salazar has plenty of time still to put up more good numbers and maybe in a few years this card will be highly sought on the secondary market. I am happy that this card featured a genuine major leaguer whose name I recognized, unlike the Tier C card I got last time.


  1. Hard to feel like you are winning a prize when you have to pay $5 handling fee. Have you seen any better Tier B autos?

    1. My thoughts exactly. Congratulations on the winning code. Hopefully Salazar has a solid career.

    2. I don't know about the Tier B autos. The list consists of basically every active and retired player who is not on the A or C lists, so there is a huge range of players you could get.

      The range of prizes seems to come from 2013 products whose redemption cards have expired, so it is whatever Topps had on-hand that hadn't been redeemed yet. The good cards (which I am assuming were Tier A winners) seem to be coming from Topps Five Star and include decent names like James Shields and Fergie Jenkins. The Tier B prizes probably includes this Bowman Platinum stuff and maybe some Topps Chrome or basic Topps, while Tier C is likely similar but with lesser names. There aren't a lot of hard details out there except that you could pretty much get anything. Most of the prizes I've seen are 2013 redemptions that have expired in the last few months.