16 February 2016

At the Trade Deadline 41: Hot Customs from Baseball Card Breakdown

Normally I try to save to coolest card(s) in a package for the end of a post, but for this package I needed to post the cool stuff right out in front. A little while ago I sent defgav of the Baseball Card Breakdown blog a small package centered around a kinda gross Christmas card (serially numbered # 12 / 25) that I found on eBay. Well, he hit me back with something much more awesome.

Part of the hobby for him is creating custom cards or altering cards to match his tastes. I have no design talent at all, but I certainly appreciate the work and skill that goes into making them. One of my favorite sets in my collection is the Munnatawket Allen & Ginter custom set made by Nachos Grande's friend roddster, who doesn't have a blog that I am aware of. I still haven't added the most recent extension of that set to my collection, and I really need to make that a priority.

But back to the package that defgav sent. I like collecting cards of players who exist on the fringes of fame or who are known for something outside of sports glory. I collect basketball players Gheorghe Muresan and Manute Bol because they are so tall, Muggsy Bogues and Spud Webb because they are so short, baseball player Munenori Kawasaki because he's an interview king and a ball of energy in the dugout and on the field, R.A. Dickey because he throws the knuckleball, and Mario Mendoza because his name is used as the benchmark for batting mediocrity.

Defgav touched on my Mario Mendoza collection with a custom card that incorporates a cut signature from the infamous player. It's been a while since I added to my Mendoza collection, and this custom creation definitely stands as a highlight of that PC.

The second custom included in the package was this Nolan Ryan card featuring him wearing Steve Garvey's batting helmet in the 1985 All-Star game. Defgav did a whole series of custom cards showing different players in San Diego Padres garb, and this is definitely a cool piece of cardboard.

The rest of the package was filled out with conventional cardboard that hit several of my PCs. That Jim Abbott card on the bottom is an SP from the 2012 Topps Archives set. I think my favorite card from the group is that 1974 Topps Rich 'Goose' Gossage card. I could stare at that card forever. Why is Gossage so off-center? Why was this photo chosen? Why does the odd photo choice make this card so much better? So many questions. One thing that is not in question, though, is how awesome this trade package was to open and sort through. Thanks, defgav!


  1. Glad you like! I got that Mendoza auto a few months ago during a spree buying of cheap, combined-shipping signed index cards that I planned to eventually do something interesting with. When I saw him on your wantlist, I knew it was time to turn it into something for you.

    1. I definitely appreciate it! Mendoza doesn't have much out there by way of hits, so this was perfect for that PC.

  2. Mendoza might be the standard for hitting mediocrity; however, that custom is anything but!