13 February 2016

Rainbow in the Dark 34: More 2015 Topps Jon Singletons that Look the Same

I picked up a few more different parallels from 2015 Topps, but on the screen they mostly look exactly the same as his standard base card. This first one is the over-sized Topps 5x7 card that was sold on the Topps.com website. I believe these were sold in team set form, but I could be wrong on that. I just picked this single up from eBay. This one is numbered # 15 / 99.

This card looks a little different from the regular base card in the scan, as it's got a bit of foil to it. A cursory search of the internet tells me that this parallel came in a 5-card pack distributed inside of Hobby-only factory sets. My copy is numbered # 032 / 179.

This card is not serially-numbered and appears pretty much identical to Singleton's base card. It comes from the 2015 Topps Limited set, which is a 'premium' factory set sold on the Topps website for about twice the price of a regular factory set. It is printed on thicker card stock and I believe it swaps out the standard silver foil for gold foil. I have to say I thought the card would be a bit thicker than it was, but you can kind of see the difference in thickness if you hold a base card and this card up next to each other. Future parallel collectors are going to hate these cards. On the Future Stars cards the difference in foil color is more readily visible, but on regular base cards it will just be the logo. These are not serially-numbered, but I think the stated print run for the sets was around 1000. As of this writing the full sets are still available on the site. As with the rest of these cards, I just got the singles I needed from eBay.

I think this about does it for my collection of Singleton's parallels from 2015 Topps. The thing that stinks is that I have a lot of the really hard-to-find ones outside of # 1 / 1 cards and I have most of the unnumbered stuff and numbered stuff with print runs of 99 or more, but I don't have the middle cards like the Snow Camo # / 99, the Black # / 64. ad the Pink # / 50. There are a couple of the Pink parallels on eBay right now with exorbitant Buy It Now prices on them, but I kind of backed into this rainbow and missed the prime window when these things were probably available all over the place. If any of them pop up I'll probably make an attempt at them, but I'm not going to make myself nuts going after them.



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