21 February 2016

Click Here to View Cart 11: Command Bolshoi BBM True Heart Japanese Women's Pro Wrestling Autograph (Partial) Timeline

I picked up a handful of autographed cards from a wrestling shop in Japan called Toudoukan. They all feature one of my favorite Japanese wrestlers, Command Bolshoi, and run through many years for which I didn't have autograph or card examples from the BBM True Heart card sets. There were still a few that I didn't pick up because I don't have a money tree, but I'll probably go back eventually and get a few more things from them.

This first one comes from the 2003 set, The front shows her with some kids at a playground. I am assuming the kids are her kids, but I don't know that for sure. This one is serially-numbered # 024 / 117.

After 2003 I skipped a few years to 2009. The older generation of wrestlers tends to favor these more elaborate ring costumes, while the younger wrestlers seem to go with more athletic or cute outfits. Of course there is crossover on both sides, but you can get a feel for approximately where a wrestler fits on the timeline by how they dress. Those icons at the bottom of the card front look like Captain America's shield. This one's serial number is # 22 / 49. Command Bolshoi seems to get the first card in a disproportionate number of sets. The checklists seem to stay in approximately the same order from year to year, so it's probably just an alphabetical thing.

Here's the 2010 autograph, which switches things up with an autograph in silver paint rather than black Sharpie. Not much more to say about this one. It's nice to finally get an autograph from the 2010 set after my boxed set arrived with all of the autographs missing. This one is # 24 / 50.

For later sets they switched from having the signatures straight on the base cards to making dedicated autograph sets. It took a little while to perfect it, though, as the first couple of years still have UV coating on them and are prone to bubbling/smudging. This is the 2011 card, and bears the serial number # 04 / 94.

I actually picked this one up from a seller on eBay, but it arrived in time for me to post it in this timeline. This is Bolshoi's 2012 autograph, and features a vertical format that very obviously shoehorns a horizontal design into a small space. It looks like BBM made all of the horizontal base cards in the 2012 set into vertical autographs. I've noticed that in a few sets. There will be a few horizontal base cards and they will get vertical autographs, while the more typical vertical base cards get horizontal autograph cards. The autograph cards always use the images used on the base cards. This is a pretty cool photo. Bolshoi is a musician as well as a competitive bodybuilder, so it's neat to see some of the wrestlers' other interests featured on their trading cards. This carries a very aesthetically-satisfying serial number of # 33 / 99.

Command Bolshoi's 2013 autograph features the more typical horizontal format. The backs of the autograph cards all carry the same authenticity guarantee, with the only difference being the foil-stamped serial number. Someone got a little crazy with the BeDazzler on the 2013 card fronts. This autograph is # 25 / 98.

The 2014 BBM True Heart set is when the cards finally got a signature-friendly matte finish on the fronts. I don't think I have her 2015 card and I still need to pick up her 2016 card. I know where I can get copies of those cards; I just haven't done it yet. I also have a few gaps to fill in from 2004-2008, assuming they exist. I think there are autographs for most of those years, but I have to research that. I did get a copy of her 2016 inscription autograph that is # / 5, but it hasn't arrived in the mail yet.


  1. Impressive. You sir are the first and only Command Bolshoi super collector that I know if. She has a really nice autograph... but her costume reminds me of a clown... which freaks me out. If I followed these ladies... I have a feeling I'd be leaning towards one of those girls wearing the "athletic" or "cute" outfits ;)

    1. I definitely have favorites among the other wrestlers (Haruka Kato, Dash Chisako, Makoto, Misaki Ohata, and Rabbit Miu to name a few), but Command Bolshoi has been around for a while (lots of cards available) and doesn't command quite as much of a 'sex sells' premium when it comes to acquiring those cards. I'll gather cards of those other wrestlers when I can, but when it comes to super-collecting I have to keep my bank balance in mind.