24 February 2016

Springer Singleton Back 2 Back Jacks

Here's a pretty cool card I picked up from eBay for my Jon Singleton player collection. I thought the presence of George Springer would drive the price up over my bid, but the other bidder gave up and the card went to me. It's a Back 2 Back Jacks Prime dual relic insert from the 2015 Panini Elite baseball set.

In looking at the card I thought maybe I already had a parallel of it, but I went back into my blog history and discovered that the card I was thinking of was a similar Classic Combos card from 2014 Panini Classics. With this being the Prime version of the card, it features some nice two-color swatches. If you look at the Singleton relic piece at just the right angle you can see a bit of white fabric along the bottom edge of the window, but calling it a three-color relic is a bit of a stretch. I feel a little silly typing so excitedly over a piece of fabric that has two colors on it as opposed to a piece of fabric with just one color. But I guess when you look at anything in the hobby (or really anything in most hobbies) with that kind of scrutiny they all seem a little silly. This card is numbered # 05 / 10.

The back of the card stretches the definition of back-to-back jacks, recounting a time when Carter and Singleton hit home runs in consecutive innings. I guess you do what you have to do to the narrative to match up the players you want on the front of the card.