06 February 2016

Breaking It Down 28: 2015 Topps UFC Champions

I've had sort of a standing appointment to sit and watch the breaks over at TeamBreaks.com each week. Since they do smaller breaks the spots are pretty cheap and I usually buy in to at least one or two of them. He does giveaways after most of the weekly breaks, and I've been lucky enough to win some break credit a couple of weeks in a row. It's certainly more fun when you're playing with house money instead of your own bankroll. I think the cards in this post all came from a random weight class break where I wound up with the Lightweight division.

I got a pile of base cards and unnumbered Silver parallels but I didn't scan them. We're here just for the hits. These first few cards come from the lower end of the parallel spectrum, Black and Blue (how appropriate for the UFC!). The Black parallels are # / 188 and the Blue are # / 88. These cards become more interesting to me as I watch more fights and develop rooting interests. You kind of have to keep a wide range of fighters as favorites because any given fighter might only have a couple of fights per year. I think the only guy here who I've seen in action is Michael Chiesa in his victory over Jim Miller in December 2015. I was rooting for Jim Miller in that one, but it was still a good match that won Fight of the Night honors.

Khabib Nurmagomedov has a 22-0 record but has missed his last few scheduled fights due to injury. He's still ranked pretty highly in the Lightweight rankings, though, and presumably will be a top contender when he comes back from his injuries. Rafael Dos Anjos came out and just blasted Donald Cerrone in their December 2015 fight, and now he's scheduled to fight the infamous Conor McGregor, who is changing weight classes for the fight after blasting Jose Aldo a few seconds into their UFC 194 fight to claim the Featherweight title. I don't really like McGregor's mouth or his antics, but he is making money and gathering fans with his gimmick so I can't really blame the guy for living the high life and having an ego about it. Anyway, I hope Dos Anjos can stand in there and win their UFC 196 fight in March.

Speaking of Khabib Nurmagomedov, I also pulled the autographed version of his Fighting Futures insert. This is die-cut, serially-numbered # 46 / 50, and features a sticker autograph of the highly-ranked fighter. This card probably got me back the cost of the slot or maybe more, but I don't know how to time the selling of MMA cards. I might hold onto it until he gets a fight and then gamble on a triumphant return.

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