22 February 2016

Pack of the Day 126: 2010 Topps UFC

The dude who runs TeamBreaks.com does giveaways after his weekly breaks sometimes, and the odds of coming away with something are generally pretty good. Some prizes are better than others, but they make for decent additions to a break haul or a nice consolation prize for those nights when you don't pull anything in the breaks. I think that's how I got this Hobby pack of 2010 Topps UFC cards. He might have just added it to one of my packages because I'm a nice guy.

There's not a lot here that grabs my attention among the vertically-oriented base cards. I take note of Ryan Bader cards because Corky over at Pack War collects him. He unfortunately got knocked out in his most recent fight against Anthony Johnson at the end of January, breaking up his streak after 5 straight wins.

The notable card for me here is Matt Mitrione, who is a former professional football player and current UFC fighter. But what makes it notable to me is the eye injury he sustained last month in a January 17th fight against Travis Browne. Browne poked him in the eye a couple of times (which is something I hate), but the ref let the fight continue and Mitrione took a punch that fractured his eye socket. It swelled up like a golf ball and looked pretty gruesome. So every time I hear Mitrione's name I think of his grotesque swollen eye. I won't post a photo here because it's gross. Anyone who wants to see it can probably find it quite readily.

I am assuming that the James McSweeney card is a Gold parallel because it is unnumbered and also printed on very thick card stock. That creepy-looking Brock Lesnar card is some sort of tie-in to a UFC video game. The front features his digital avatar and the back shows his ratings in the game.

Nothing too exciting in that pack, but I can't complain too much about a free pack of cards.

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