17 February 2016

Pack of the Day 124: 2012 Panini Prizm Baseball

Yes, I am still milking that repack I got back in January. There is pretty much no other reason for me to acquire and open a pack of 2012 Panini Prizm baseball cards. This is a pretty quick pack break, as there are only four cards in this thing.

I don't even know what to say here. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this thing. I guess it would be an okay pack if I were a fan of New York Baseball Club. I am confused at the logo placement on the Liam Hendriks Rookie card, with the Prizm badge obscuring the Panini Brand name. I just feel like they could have re-sized and drug the elements around a bit. The Matt Cain card is an insert. It's printed on very thick card stock. Being an insert, it also gets a little bit of color to go with all the silver, white, black, and grey. In keeping with the theme, though, the red on the simulated stitching is flat and lifeless. And that does it for this pack! I'm off to clean my scanner glass again, as Prizm is very good at showing every little smudge.

I spent yesterday evening dismantling my kids' bunk bed and moving it into another room. So it was an evening full of swearing, sweating, and looking for that damn wrench that I just had a second ago. If I ever meet Mr. Ikea I will punch him square in the nose. Nothing in the world should require that many fiddly little fasteners. Before starting the project I watched some UFC card breaks and wound up with what was probably the hit of the night, so that should be fun to show off when it arrives. I have posts scheduled and written out to the end of February, so it might be early March before its turn comes up. Whenever something interesting enough comes in (like the cool package I got yesterday from Baseball Card Breakdown) I bump everything else back a day to fit it in, so there is stuff at the end of my queue that's been ready to go for nearly a month now.

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