03 September 2015

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 15: Black Frizzled Fowl

It's been a while since I added to my N20 1891 Allen & Ginter Fifty Prize & Game Chickens tobacco card set build. A seller recently put some of them up on eBay and after the dust cleared I came away with a couple of cards. First up is the one shown above, a decent copy depicting the Black Frizzled Fowl. The back has some pencil marks, some fading, and some stains. I do care about the backs, but the main concern for me when it comes to the back of these cards is that I don't want paper loss. In this case the back is intact and readable, so it's good enough for me. I have similar requirements for the front of these cards; I don't want any paper loss or chipping, especially when it affects the picture of the chicken itself. This one is pretty good on the front. This is my 15th card from the set. Progress is slow, but it's not that easy to find cards that were printed 124 years ago, at least not on my budget. I'll probably keep adding a few per year as long as I can find them.

Image from the Sana Pets blog

The Black Frizzled Fowl looks about how it sounds, with feathers that curl out and back, giving it puffy frazzled appearance. I have found from Googling it that this kind of chicken comes in many colors with varying levels of frizzle, from birds that just have a few feathers out of place to birds like the one above that look like a poultry grenade detonation. I love these chicken cards, and I can't wait to get more of them.


  1. Cool! As someone who is working on a different orignal Ginter set (American Fish) I know how hard it can be to find a card...and then if you care about condition (and cost) watch out!

    1. I am not sure what will happen once I get to the point where I only need a few more cards from the set. I may have to let things slip a bit when it comes to condition, or accept that this set build is going to cost a lot more than expected. Right now I am able to pick up a card here and there for the price of a couple Retail packs. In my mind that is a pretty good deal. We'll see how it goes once the easy pickings are all gone.

    2. And it's been a while since I checked on your set build. You're over 80% done!