17 September 2015

Thursday Night Football Celebration and a Random Baseball Card

I was pretty happy to see the Denver Broncos pull out a win over the hated Kansas City Chiefs this evening. I almost turned off the game when they were down 14 - 0 in the first half, but they roared back in the 2nd quarter to tie the game and hung with the Chiefs until the final minutes of the game. At the very end of the game the Broncos were down by 7 again and drove back to tie it, then in the final seconds Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles fumbled the ball and the Denver defense ran it back for the touchdown that would give them the final lead. I unfortunately don't have any new Broncos cards to show off, so I will have to change gears entirely for the card portion of the post.

This is one of the more subtle parallels in recent history. It's a gum-stain parallel from 2015 Topps Heritage. This card features R.A. Dickey and is distinguished from the base card by some vague pink splotches on the back of the card, calling to mind the stains left on the last card in the pack by real gum in the card sets of yesteryear. Some people even claim that these cards smell like chewing gum, but I never was able to confirm that. I picked this one up on eBay.

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