16 September 2015

Combined Shipping Leads to Buying Stuff 3: NASCAR Parallels

After adding the NASCAR quad relic, the R.A. Dickey auto/relic, and the George Springer Panini card I still needed two items to qualify for free shipping. I eventually settled on a couple of parallels from the 2014 Press Pass Total Memorabilia NASCAR set. One is a Gold parallel of Dale Earnhardt Jr. and it is numbered # 019 / 175. The other is a Black & White parallel of Josh Wise and it is # 91 / 99. I tend to focus mostly on my Danica Patrick player collection when it comes to NASCAR, but it is nice to pick up a card or two featuring the other drivers I follow. 

Earnhardt Jr. is 6th in the driver standings right now and has made the Chase for the Cup playoffs for this season. I don't know what his chances are, though. I haven't been paying a huge amount of attention to NASCAR for the last few months, but my impression is that he did better at the start of the season than he has in the last little while. Looking at the race by race results tells me that he's been pretty consistent all year.

Josh Wise changed teams in July and has a couple of races with his new team. It seems like his new car is pretty similar in quality to his old car, and he is qualifying and finishing in about the same spots as usual, spending a lot of time in the 30's. He does have a 10th-place finish this year, but is currently in 37th place in the points, far out of the Chase for the Cup.

That does it for my current batch of cards that I bought just for free/combined shipping. I usually try to limit my additional purchases to cards that I want anyway, but a good deal on shipping will often give me that extra little push I need to make a purchase. I have another big batch of cards on the way that I bought from one seller after noticing that anything after the first item shipped for free. I searched their inventory and came up with some good gems for my collection.

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