24 September 2015

John Soukup Adventure Time Interactive Fan Art Card

Here's a pretty cool sketch card I got from the artist, John Soukup, on eBay. I think every box of Cryptozoic's Adventure Time cards came with a blank Fan Art Card so that collectors could draw their own art or commission a custom piece for their collection. I have never watched Adventure Time, so I don't know much of anything about the characters or the plot. But I thought this was a neat sketch because it has a hidden surprise.

The horse's body has a flap that lifts up to reveal the Ice King hiding inside. I believe it was inspired by this scene from the show:

There are so many shows and movies and books and comics and songs out there that I have some interest in, but I don't ever find time to keep up with them. Adventure Time is one of the things that fall into that category. The struggle is real.

Here is the back of the card for the sake of completeness. I like it when artists take time to sign their stuff. It can be a pain in the butt to decipher cryptic symbols on the front of cards. I am getting to where I can tell a lot of artists apart just by their art styles, but there are plenty that I don't know yet or instances when the artist is trying something new that doesn't match their typical style.


  1. Cool card! I love Adventure Time. Very weird show in a good way.

  2. The art from this card is from one of the absolute best episodes of the series so far. Your life would be so much better with some Adventure Time in it. Start from the beginning and get caught up with perhaps the most intricate and well written cartoon ever.

  3. I love it, the little door is a brilliant addition.