09 September 2015

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 16: American Light Brahma

A few days ago I showed off one card I'd picked up for my N20 1891 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens set. I got today's card in the same transaction, bringing me to 16 out of 50 cards in the set. This one is the American Light Brahma, which is a heavy bird with feathered feet. My family had chickens when I was younger, and Brahmas were my bird of choice, although I chose Buff Brahmas over the Light and Dark varieties. If I were to ever get some backyard chickens I would probably go the same route. I am a creature of habit. This card is a bit off-center, but both front and back are in really nice shape. There's a little crease at the top, but this card has been around for 124 years so I will give it a pass on that. I haven't seen a lot of these cards pop up lately, but I haven't really been looking too hard lately either. I hope to continue making progress on the set as these are some of my favorite cards to collect.


  1. Very cool! The chicken's head seems disproportionately small, are they really like that or is it just the way the art was done?

    1. I'd say the head looks about right. These are pretty large birds with thick feathers, so that probably makes their heads look even smaller than your average chicken's head, just because the feathers make their necks look so thick and their bodies are pretty stocky.