08 September 2015

My Final Really Old 2014 Topps Stadium Club Box Break

I think this is the last batch of scans from all the 2014 Topps Stadium Club I opened in 2014. This might have been one of the better boxes I opened, as there are a couple of good inserts and my autographs were stronger than usual for this product.

For the base cards I scanned some of the black and white photographs from the set. All of these are pretty good shots of historically-important baseball players. Baseball fandom is a relatively new thing for me, so I probably don't know or appreciate these guys as much as I ought to.

You get one Gold parallel per Hobby box. Mine was Troy Tulowitzki, who is now enjoying life as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. The guy he was traded for, Jose Reyes, is having trouble adjusting to playing for a losing team. The three Rainbow Foil cards in my box were Yasiel Puig, Ozzie Smith, and...

...Salvador Perez, whose horizontal card messed my scanning all up. I don't have much to say about the Rainbow Foil parallels. I guess the Puig is nice, although injuries and attitude combined with a strong crop of new hot players have kind of sucked the hype out of his hobby value lately.

I also got this Foilboard parallel of one of the players I collect, Jon Singleton. These only fell about once in every four Hobby boxes, so it's a pretty nice pull. It's also a Christmas card, carrying the # 12 / 25 serial number on the back.

All of these are base-level inserts that come one per Hobby box. Between the Puig parallel from earlier and the Kershaw and Ramirez here this is getting to be a Dodgers hot box. I guess there are worse problems to have. That Billy Hamilton card made an appearance in my last box break, too.

I got four Field Access inserts in this box. It's a pretty good batch of Hall of Famers, and Robinson Cano. The Randy Johnson from the last batch that I thought was a rare parallel was not a rare parallel. This batch is the one with the Electric Foil insert parallel.

The Randy Johnson card is # 07 / 25. These Electric Foil cards are tough pulls, seeded at 1:88 mini boxes, or 1:29 Hobby boxes. That's only one for every 3 cases. I like that card anyway, but with a little bit of foil treatment and a serial number I like it a whole lot more.

The hits keep rolling in on this box, as that Evan Gattis autograph on the left is a Gold parallel, which is a 1 per case card. This one just barely misses being a Christmas card, being numbered # 11 / 25. It was a pretty good card anyway, but now that Gattis is an Astro (and arguably my favorite player on the current roster) I like it even more. Tony Cingrani is another guy I've heard of, which is a step up on many of the autographs in this set. He's had a rough go of it since a good showing in 2013, though, and is now down in AAA trying to get sorted out. Andrew Heaney has actually been pretty good for the Angels this year. His June and July numbers were better than his August and September numbers have been, but outside of an 8-run debacle against the Blue Jays he hasn't had any really horrid starts.

With all things considered this was probably my best box of Stadium Club from 2014. I got three different cards numbered # / 25 and three autographs of guys with recognizable names.


  1. Nice box, love the Black & white photos. Gattis is the man I miss him and his tape measure home runs, I flip over to y'alls games when he's at the plate and caught one where he about hit the train in left.

    Jon Singleton has a lot of tape on his hands