14 September 2015

Combined Shipping Leads to Buying Stuff 1: R.A. Dickey Triple Threads Auto Relic

I didn't set out to buy this card, but when I ordered this NASCAR quad relic I saw that the seller had a combined shipping offer (buy 5 items and get free shipping, if I am remembering correctly) and I decided to see what else they had in their inventory. This Emerald R.A. Dickey Unity Autograph Jumbo Relic is one of the extra cards I bought. I haven't added a lot of Dickey relics or autos to my collection recently, so it was nice to get another one for an okay price. This one has a sticker autograph, a plain white swatch, and it is serially numbered # 31 / 50. Dickey has been playing well enough for the Blue Jays, although I think he probably benefits quite a bit from having a ton of run support from that ridiculous lineup.

The Astros lost to the Rangers today and have very nearly let Texas take over the division lead. The Rangers are just a half-game back now, with the Angels not that much further behind. I don't really expect the Astros to get past many tough teams in the playoffs, but it would be pretty cool if they found a way to hold on to the division and at least play a series.

The Denver Broncos barely won against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, and it was only because their defense came up with a touchdown. It's probably still too early to panic, but it looks like the AFC West could be pretty tough to win this year (outside of the Raiders). If the Raiders beat the Broncos then it will be time to panic.

My fantasy football team did well this week, beating the pants off of my opponent. I have a pretty good roster, but football is so crazy from week to week that it's hard to win a championship. Football is probably my favorite sport to watch even though I don't really collect football cards much. I like football cards, but for whatever reason they always fall off my radar.

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  1. Astros would be a nice matchup for the Blue Jays in the playoffs. Houston's best pitchers are left handed and the Jays absolutely crush left handers.