22 September 2015

Cryptozoic The Guild Seasons 1-3 Felicia Day Autograph

Often when I order something from Dave & Adam's Card World I will throw in a box of Cryptozoic's The Guild Seasons 1-3 trading cards. They are perpetually on clearance and priced at about $15 each. In doing so I am mainly chasing cards featuring autographs or relics of Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton, the other big name in the set. I guess I could try to chase a master set of relics and autos, but I haven't been motivated to do so yet. Unfortunately I have never actually pulled a hit card featuring those two folks, so I have had to turn to eBay to get my Felicia Day cards. I posted about my Felicia Day relic card a couple of months ago and here is the autograph I picked up to go with it.

I got a pretty good deal on it, although I wouldn't say it was cheap. You don't see these things pop up too often, so when I saw a reasonable price on it a couple of months back I jumped on it. There is a short-printed variation that shows her in her Codex costume, and that goes for quite a bit more than this one when a copy surfaces. I would like to add it to the collection some day, but that will probably have to wait a while unless I can get a super deal on it.


  1. Is that on card? Sure looks like it.

    1. Yes, I believe all of the autographs in the set are on-card.

  2. I was able to grab one of her 2014 A&G autographs for an insane deal but I still have her Guild autograph cards on my want list.

  3. My wholesaler had these on clearance awhile back too and I bought a box. Can't remember who I pulled, but they're yours if you want them.