15 September 2015

Combined Shipping Leads to Buying Stuff 2: George Springer 2014 Panini Black Friday

This is another card I picked up in the lot I talked about in my previous post. The seller offered free shipping if I bought five items, so I went through their inventory to see what I could pick up. This George Springer card from the 2014 Panini Black Friday set isn't as exciting as an R.A. Dickey auto/relic or a NASCAR quad relic, but it was a nice enough card and it was cheap. I'd rather spend a dollar on this card than $3 on postage.

The Astros let the Rangers take over the division lead today, losing again to Derek Holland and company. It looked like the Astros might pull it out after they came from behind to take a 5-4 lead, but the Rangers pushed a run across to tie the game and then apparently won the game on a sacrifice fly in the later innings. My kids were annoying the heck out of me, so I didn't actually watch all the way through to the end. Hopefully the Astros can win a game in this series. George Springer is back from being injured, although I couldn't tell you how he's done since he returned. I haven't been paying attention to his stats. Looking at the back of this card I see that I missed an opportunity to turn this into a birthday post, as his birthday is in just a few days.

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