29 September 2015

Combined Shipping Leads to Buying Stuff 7: Daniel Norris Stadium Club Auto

Continuing with the combined shipping lot I've been posting about lately, here is a Daniel Norris autograph from this year's Stadium Club set. I briefly started a player collection of his cards when he was with the Blue Jays earlier this year, but his cards were too expensive and I found I couldn't maintain another player collection. Then he got moved to Detroit and I really lost interest. This card had a decent asking price. I wouldn't pay the seller's price plus $3 shipping just for this card, but splitting up that $3 between 9 different cards makes the per-card price tolerable.

I really need Norris to pitch well today, as he's getting the start against Cole Hamels and the Texas Rangers. I need the Rangers to lose another game so that my Astros can (hopefully) win and gain another game in the pennant race. So just for today I am a huge fan of the Tigers.

I guess now that he's with Detroit, that makes him Daniel Tiger.

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