28 September 2015

Combined Shipping Leads to Buying Stuff 6: Denver Broncos from the Glory Days

As part of the combined shipping lot I've been posting about recently I picked up a few cards for my football collection, which is even more neglected than my basketball collection, if such a thing is even possible. All of these are serially-numbered, but the numbers are pretty high, I think just about anyone who wants a copy should be able to get one. First up is a Shannon Sharpe Immortals card from 2013 Panini Certified. It's numbered # 487 / 999. Sharpe has always been my favorite Bronco, and I don't know if anyone will ever take that spot. I like Tim Tebow and I like Peyton Manning, but Tebow didn't stick around long enough and Manning did most of his work with the Colts. The one big knock I have against Sharpe is that he played for the Ravens. I hate the Ravens. I'll overlook that in his case, though, because I can.

I have an old Sharpe knockoff jersey that I get compliments on pretty much every time I wear it in public. He's popular even here in Idaho. This card is from 1998 Collector's Edge Masters. I am not sure how the parallels are set up in this set, but this card is numbered # 1076 / 3000.

Finally I have a nice shiny John Elway card from this year, a 2015 Panini Certified Immortals card numbered # 055 / 499. I like this one because of the old-school Broncos logo and uniform. Elway had a great career as a quarterback and a Super Bowl win would cement him as a great football executive, too. He's made some huge moves in bringing Peyton Manning to Denver and building a superb defense for the Broncos, but they haven't been able to cash that in and get a ring. With Tom Brady, Gronk, and the rest of the Patriots playing the way they have been this year I don't know if the Broncos can even get out of the AFC bracket, let alone beat whoever comes out of the NFC playoffs. I am afraid that the Broncos' window will close and Manning will miss out on getting a ring in Denver. It's really too bad they laid that huge egg against Seattle in the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.

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