21 May 2015

Click Here to View Cart 6: A Ponycon Flash Sale Cheese Sandwich

In February the annual My Little Pony convention, Ponycon, was held in New York. It's a pretty big deal, and as part of the celebration the makers of My Little Pony trading cards held a few flash sales on their website. The first time I got a card in one of the Enterplay flash sales I was able to flip it on eBay for $250. The second time I got a flash sale card, I got a ~$30 Fluttershy card for my personal collection for $5. This time the big flash sale offering was a promotional foil card featuring the character Cheese Sandwich. I was able to get in there in time to get one. They usually release just 10 or 20 cards at a time to the public in these sales and there are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people vying to check out first. It helps to go into these things with a strategy and not get distracted or freak out when the stuff populates in the webstore.

Enterplay struggles in the realm of shipping collectibles, so the card arrived in a soft sleeve in a plain white envelope (PWE) and had a big fold in one corner where it had been damaged during shipping. I sent an e-mail in to their customer service explaining the problem and offering to send the card back in exchange for a new one. They told me to keep the one I had and promised to send another one with additional protection. It arrived packaged in a Card Saver, but half the card had slid out of the Card Saver and about a quarter of the card was hanging out of the envelope, too. Outside of a touch of white on the corner it was undamaged, so I decided to let it go. I believe they priced it at $4 this time. On eBay it regularly sells in the $20-30 range, with some outliers going for $15 and others hitting $50. I haven't felt a whole lot of motivation to list it yet, and I might just wind up holding on to it.

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