16 May 2015

Jon Singleton 2015 Bowman Red

I picked up this card for a decent price on eBay recently. It's the Red parallel of Jon Singleton's 2015 Bowman card. Singleton's cards have been available at a pretty deep discount since he got sent back down to AAA at the end of Spring Training, but I imagine they'll heat back up here pretty quickly as his recall to the Astros is imminent. He recently had a 10-RBI game and is pretty much mashing the baseball. That kind of stuff tends to get people pretty excited. Here's his grand slam from that game:

While I am glad to see that he is playing well and flirting with promotion, I imagine that when the call does come his card prices will go back up, causing me to miss out on low-numbered stuff like this card. This one is numbered # 3 / 5.

Now that school has ended it's been hard to gain some direction in my life. Today I finally dug in and started working on getting my office/hobby room cleaned out and organized. Over the last couple years I've been focused so hard on school that shipping boxes, comics, cards, games, books, and magazines all just piled up down there. I made good progress on that project, and soon I should have enough space to finish the big card-sorting project I tried to get through during the Christmas holiday break.

The Houston Rockets somehow won Game 6 in their playoff series with the Los Angeles Clippers to force a Game 7 tomorrow. I really hope they can pull it off, but that will be a tall order. I was following Game 6 on my computer as I don't get cable or satellite and can't watch the NBA except the finals, which are televised on ABC. The Rockets were down by 19 points and I closed the browser window in defeat. I came back a while later and they were up by like 12 points with just a little time left in the 4th quarter. I had to refresh the screen a couple of times to make sure it was right. If they can get past the Clippers they will have the tough task of trying to beat the Golden State Warriors in order to move on to the NBA Finals against whoever emerges from the East bracket. But before all of that they have to win this Game 7.

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