26 May 2015

Seeking Redemption 11: Jose Abreu 2014 Topps Heritage High Numbers Real One Autograph

Back in February I opened up a box set of 2014 Topps Heritage High Numbers and wound up getting one of the bigger hits as the promised autograph, a redemption for a Jose Abreu Real One autograph. The turnaround on the redemption was pretty quick, and I had the card in-hand by early April. It's a nice enough card, but I don't PC Abreu and I put it up on eBay to see what I could get for it.

After a few offers and some back and forth with some potential buyers I sold the card and shipped it off to a new home. I don't really consider myself a card flipper or an investor, but this was a good chance for me to recoup the money I spent on the box and then some.

1 comment:

  1. Nice! I ended up with Kolten Wong in my High Numbers box.