20 May 2015

2014 Topps Stadium Club Dodgers Triumvirate Completed

Last year I opened a box of 2014 Topps Stadium Club and pulled a Clayton Kershaw Triumvirate Illuminator card. The Illuminators a case hit, and are an acetate parallel of the normal Triumvirate Luminous insert set. Then in March sometime, I picked up a copy of the Hanley Ramirez Illuminator on eBay. At the time I thought that the third card in the Dodgers Triumvirate was Hyun-Jin Ryu, which I figured I would be able to pick up relatively cheap. As it turned out, he was actually part of the 'Pitchers of Asian Descent' Triumvirate, and the card I needed to complete the 'Dodgers Superstars' Triumvirate was none other than Yasiel Puig. At the time, prices on the Puig card were not in my range and I put the project on the back burner.

At the end of April I saw the Puig Illuminator pop up on my eBay feed at a decent price and I bought it, completing the three-card puzzle. I guess I could have scanned the cards all together to make the puzzles above look better, but that would mean tracking them all down again and running them through the scanner. It was easier to just find all the old individual scans in my computer and stick them in this post. The result is butt-ugly and no one will want to look at it, but I justify it because it is easy.

Oh, and when I bought the Puig the seller was offering free shipping if I spent a certain amount of money with them. The amount I needed to spend was the same as shipping was going to cost on the Puig, so I figured I'd rather get two cards with free shipping than spend the same amount and get one card. I chose this Jeff Bagwell Hall or Nothing insert from Skybox eX-2000. It's a die-cut, cardboard and acetate layered monstrosity of an insert that represents the best and worst of cards in the late 90's.

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