27 May 2015

Two 2014 Topps 1st Edition Parallels

A while back a bunch of these 2014 Topps 1st Edition parallels popped up on eBay. I am a little wary of stuff like this, because I've seen one or two cases where a guy stamps a bunch of random cards with his own personal foil mark and calls them a rare collectible. It turns out that these cards were a legitimate issue from Topps, though. Cardboard Connection says that they were a prize from a special box loader inserted into 2014 Topps Series 1. Each person who redeemed their ticket got a full factory set of these cards with the little foil 1st Edition stamp, so these are theoretically a pretty rare find.

I was able to pick up parallels of a couple PC guys from the same seller, who appeared to be selling off his set. I got a Josh Reddick and an R.A. Dickey. The R.A. Dickey card has a gouge in the foil 'swoosh.' It's a little bit annoying, but I guess I can live with it. I've only seen one other copy of the card up for sale, and the Buy It Now price is a few times what I paid for my copy.


  1. I've seen these pop up from time to time. Prices are all over the price.

    1. That seems to happen quite a bit with cards that aren't heavily publicized, especially if they aren't serially-numbered. It is the same with the Members Only parallels from 2014 Stadium Club.

  2. They're unnumbered, but there were only 10 sets released. I was reading about it on the blowoutcards forums awhile back. Those are tough finds!

  3. I recently picked up a Sergio Romo card from this parallel set for my Giants collection. I decided I wanted one and was able to get it at a reasonable price. Two pretty solid pick ups for you, congrats.