16 August 2014

N20 Allen & Ginter Prize & Game Chickens 9: Silver-Spangled Hamburgh

This is the last of the lot of N20 Allen & GInter Prize & Game Chickens cards I picked up from a seller on a vintage non-sports card forum. I haven't added any more cards to my set since then as I have been caught up in other things, like Gint-a-Cuffs. This card features the Silver-Spangled Hamburgh, which is apparently just one of a great many color variations of the Hamburgh. The various internet references tell me that they are a smaller bird that doesn't tolerate confinement well and has a tendency to fly over fences. They do lay a lot of eggs, which are rather on the small side and white in color. This particular card is PSA-graded at 4.5 and is my 9th card from the 50-card set, which was released in cigarette packs in the late 1880s-early 1890s. I have seen a variety of dates listed for the set, but they range from about 1888 to about 1892. Either way, these cards are quite old and have really held onto their color quite well.


  1. Flipping gorgeous! I urge you to complete this set so I can see more cocks.

    1. Believe me, I would like to finish the set. The next card I add will bring me to 20% completion!

  2. Amazing card...over 110 years old and to still look like that. Great pickup.