04 August 2014

Gint-a-Cuffs 6: Pack 4

Austin Wierschke: -1 (America's Fastest Texter -1/2, Douchey Sunglasses -1/2) 

Lonomia: +3 (World's Deadliest Predators +3)

Harmon Killebrew: +2 (SP Base Card +2)

Snoop Lion: +8 (Full-Size Relics Version B +8)

Pack 4 Points: 12.00
Box Running Total: 22.00
Per Pack Average: 5.50
Box Pace: 137.50


  1. I feel like -1 point for that texter d-bag is being far too kind to *him*. I'm just glad I didn't and haven't gotten a "relic" from that waste of oxygen.

    1. I am just glad the penalty is only one point. I watched a video of one of his interviews to see how harshly I should judge him. He seems like a fairly normal teenager, so I guess I should cut him some slack. Topps just chose the douchiest picture they could find to put on his A&G card.