18 August 2014

What eBay Hath Wrought 103a: A Rip Card Deconstructed

P-town Tom mentioned in a comment on my previous post that he hadn't seen a Rip Card post-rip, and I got to thinking that all I was showing in that post was the really sanitized, watered-down version of the Rip Card. So I pulled it out of the top loader and opened it back up to show what it really looks like. On the left there you can see the two pieces of paper that are used to block people from cheating and looking at what's inside using a light. The other sides of those papers (the sides that touch the mini card) are glossy and white. On a side note, I saw an auction today for a Rip Card that had a picture of the card with a magnet sticking to it, showing that the mini inside was a 1 / 1 Metal Mini Parallel. The Buy It Now price seemed relatively low on the card, but chances are the mini inside is that Texting Champion guy or something, and not even worth the price tag. Then again, it could be some Hall of Famer and be worth many times the seller's asking price. Who knows?

Anyway, after that little tangent, back to the Rip Card autopsy. You can see the pull strip arching off toward the bottom of the photo, and the flap I cut to the right side. I did a little cutting on the left side, but just enough that I could maneuver the mini card out. And that's really all there is to it. To put it back together I just put the two bits of paper back inside, fold the flap back down, hold the pull strip in place, and slide the assembly into a card sleeve and a top loader to keep everything in place.


  1. Cool. I was wondering this myself...

  2. Ooooooh... The insides! Sweet deal! Thanks for sharing (again)!