05 August 2014

2014 Boise Hawks Team Set

I work in the same building as my dad, so we see each other every couple of days. On Friday night at the end of the workday he came over to my desk to say hi, and mentioned that he was being drug along to a Boise Hawks baseball game. The Hawks are the local Cubs affiliate. I really should pay more attention to them or go to a game or something, but I don't even have time for life right now, let alone baseball games and other recreational activities. I had National Guard drill over the weekend, so on Saturday or maybe Sunday when I got to my desk I saw a couple baggies of baseball cards on my desk. I guess he'd picked up a couple of team sets at the game and dropped them off at my desk. Pretty cool to have cards show up magically at work.

The set has 31 cards in it, with 2014's first-round pick, Kyle Schwarber, starting things off. The local talk show hosts mentioned it on the radio when he came to Boise, but I think the team was on a road trip. He was only on the team for a few days before getting moved up to the next level.

Javier Baez is the Cubs prospect getting all the hype lately, but I got a card of Jeffrey Baez in this set. I wish I had more to say about these players, but I don't know anything about them. The design of these cards reminds me of something, I'm thinking like a hybrid of one of the 1995 Fleer designs and one of the Skybox designs from that same mid-90's period.

One thing the minor leagues have going for them is the uniforms. It's like the 90's never died, with all of the crazy colors and designs. These particular uniforms really go all out on the bloody slashes, presumably inflicted by the talons of a vicious hawk. They appear on the caps, sleeves, and pant legs of the uniforms.

Finishing off the set are the Manager, Head Coach, Pitching Coach, Assistant Coach, and Trainer for the team, something that is missing from most major league card sets. It's nice that they get some recognition in the minors.

Anyway, it's always nice to get surprise baseball cards and learn a little bit about the local team. Thanks, dad!


  1. Man, I love minor league team issued sets. They're sold for crazy prices on eBay, so when I make it out to a minor league game, I try to pick up a set or two - that's the only way I'll be able to afford them. And yeah, those uniforms… I dig 'em.

  2. Any chance to post the checklist for these card, or are they in number order the way you posted them.