19 August 2014

At the Trade Deadline 25: Cards from Nachos Grande

After failing to win several auctions for various custom Allen & Ginter minis on eBay, I reached out to Chris from the Nachos Grande blog to see if he had any copies available for trade. I offered some of my spare 2014 Allen & Ginter cards in exchange, as he is trying to put the set together. He sent one of my coveted cards, Spider-Man, as well as a few other baseball-types. He also included a card from my 2012 Topps Archives want list, a Willie Stargell cloth sticker. I need those cloth stickers in order to have a complete Archives set, but I can't stand to actually touch them. I have a weird thing about textures, and those cards set it off something fierce. I can't reach into a bag of cotton balls, and I can't handle 2012 Archives Cloth Stickers. I was well into adulthood before I could wear fleece jackets or cover up with a fleece blanket. Anyway, enough about my hangups.

Spider-Man was up near the top of my wish list. I got a laptop recently and hadn't set up my scanner software properly, so some of my recent posts feature subpar images due to the low-quality default settings on the scanner. At least that's my excuse. Wil Myers looks a little sleepy in his card. Tulowitzki is rocking a pretty sweet mullet on his emotion-packed card, and Cliff Lee looks a little derpy (Ugly Pitching Face strikes again!) and actually reminds me a bit of one of my former Company Commanders. Manny Machado gets a pretty good photo, although it feels like that pose has already been overused on his cards. I was trying to figure out where I'd seen it recently and then I looked at the pile of cards next to my keyboard and saw his 2014 Archives card sitting there, with Machado wearing an orange jersey but striking the same pose.

This was a nice pile of cards to get in the mail. There are relatively few sources for those custom A & G cards, so it is good to lay hands on them any way I can get them. Thanks, Chris!

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