07 August 2014

The Die is Cast 4: Danica Patrick 2013 GoDaddy Cares All-Star Elite

I took the stock photo (stock photo of a stock car, ha!) from the Lionel Racing website because the camera on my cell phone is pretty crappy. I guess I could track (track, like a racetrack, ha!) down my iDevice and see if the camera on it would take a better picture, but my NASCAR posts don't get a lot of views anyway. It's like I am actually driving (driving cars, ha!) readers away every time I post something race-y. Maybe my terrible jokes are the real culprit here.

Anyway, Lionel usually has a few cars in the clearance part of their site, and they were offering free shipping on some of them. I went ahead and purchased this Danica Patrick car while it was listed in that deeply-discounted free-shipping part of the website.

When it arrived there was a big goobery mess on one of the fenders and some deep scratches in the paint. I felt a little bad complaining about a clearance item, but the folks on the other end of the e-mail and phone were quite helpful and got me a postage label to send the defective one back, and eventually a replacement was sent out. It arrived in good shape, and so I have to commend Lionel on their customer service, especially when compared with Topps, who won't even acknowledge my inquiries about the defective Bo Jackson card they sent me. The DIN (like a VIN for die-casts) registry tells me that this is car # 052 of 125 models made. I believe that this is my 6th Danica Patrick die-cast.

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